Dove Hunting Tips and Trick


When it comes to dove hunting, we get our mourning doves, our white wing dove so in the UK there are primarily white wings that.  We usually hunt so my trick and tip are about them, but it can apply on other dove also. In early summer season, they migrated into sunflower fields and like I said year after year I had hunted opening days on summer noon’s operations and it has developed a programming a plan. That allows a lot of great wings unity you know arguably the largest dove hunting operation in North America with several different lodges in across this part of the area you know these white wings have a very distinctive coloration. That allows being pretty easily identifiable is that what as we know the white wings are a great success story. If we go back in 15 years, they were non-existent to now the range is so grown all the way up into Oklahoma and even in the Kansas now there’s always a few little tips and tricks out there. And anything that you have doing and dove hunting is no different than then other hunting

Here I’m going to share my tip and tricks with you guys a little bit of an edge out there over. First, you need to believe in yourself second need lots of training. A believe in yourself that your practice is making you ready before the season spends some time understanding your shotgun where your shot was getting the shooting you know. Along some practice you should have right equpments like best long range scope, glasses and etc..

  • Shoot some sporting clays as it helps to focus on the target. a great time to roll out to do all outdoors auto trap though or set up different applications different passes to get your eyes some practice. That way you are not going to be as Rusty as a lot of your buddies when they first show up.
  • Picking the right shotgun shells  I’m a big believer in using high-velocity heavy loads versus the light loads generally speaking the heavier loads you are going to get there faster, and they are going to deliver more shot on target which is going to allow you to put more shot on the dub.

As I said before hunting gets better every year so hopefully. Because you want to be able to get it to a better hunting skill. It comes out that during shooting you get limits as you know you should only hunt according to your needs. One thing that’s recommended to people when it comes to dove hunting is hearing and safety protection you know something that you can put on your eyes; you know shooting glasses and an earring protection whether it is just roll up foam.

How to Use Instagram – Step by Step Guide


I’m here today to explain to you how to use Instagram in this article I will be going over the various aspects of Instagram and I will show you how to use each of the aspects with step-by-step instructions let’s get right to it.

First, sign up on Instagram by making a profile on Instagram there are two way of making the profile on Instagram:

  • Through Facebook account
  • Through email account

Once you logged in you can see. There are various tabs at the bottom and I’m going to be going over each of these tabs one by one.

Tabs on Instagram:

Home Tab

It is all the way on the left and as you can see it sort of looks like a house. I’m just going to go ahead and go to it so this is your feed ok. And what you will see here are pictures and videos that have been posted by people. That you follow on Instagram and you will also see the pictures and videos that you have posted yourself on Instagram. So that is what you will see if you scroll through your feed.

Direct message

So if you scroll up you’ll see an icon on the right corner. You can just click on that icon and that brings up all of your direct messages. You can go ahead and click on a specific direct message. Or you can create a new one by clicking on the plus icon. on the right corner where you can see it says send photo or video or send a message and you can click one of those options to go ahead and send a direct message.

Explore Tab (Magnifying Glass):

The Explore tab is basically to explore, when you click that icon it will show you posts from other Instagram users that you don’t follow and Instagram has sort of curated these posts for you based on your interests based on your likes.

Search option:

This option is inside of explore tab right on the top for searching another user or for a hashtag. And how to search for a user of any account just by typing your desired user in it.And when you desired person is found just click on the follow button. IF you want to search for a hashtag just type hashtag and the (desired searched)

then it showed a whole bunch of hashtags that start with (desired searched)  it would show you all of the top posts with regards to a hashtag and then it also shows you the most recent posts so you can see there are top posts right here and then most recent posts. Okay, that’s basically the gist of the Explore tab.

Camera Tab:

The next one over is a camera if you click that you can actually upload a picture or a video. When you click the camera you can choose a picture from your phone or you can take a new one. When you upload a picture on Instagram it also provides you different filter and other options. You can also add a caption.

Sharing on your other social media you can post it on your other social media if your accounts are connected.

Liked Tab:

It’s the middle tab basically if you click that tab it will show everyone that has followed you anyone that has liked your picture or video anyone that is mentioned you and so forth so shows any activity with your account with other people interacting with your account right here. In this tab, you can also see people you are following just by clicking on the following tab. The following tab it shows what people that you are following have liked.

Profile Tab:

This is your profile so as you can see this. It shows how many posts you have how many followers you have. How many people you are following and so forth it shows your logo, your user, your name, you’re description of your account. If you have an associated website it will show up here as well and it shows all of the pictures and videos that you have posted now. It also edits profile by clicking on edit button you can actually edit the information about your profile; you can edit your profile information.

There is with all that is to actually use Instagram in this article I’ve shown you how to use Instagram I’ve outlined all of the aspects of using Instagram and I have explained each of them with step-by-step

Instructions and I hope that you have enjoyed this.

Getting Started With Followers:

If you want to gain followers then you should start posting some posts with the relevant to your market what it do is, It will help you to gain followers but before you start to do anything you should do 1 thing which is getting the services from any marketing company and buy real Instagram followers. Now you will be thinking why? Because somebody will take the impression from your account it will go well. People will have authority for you so then it will be easy for them to start following you.


Instagram’s New Algorithm

Marketing Tips for Bloggers and Entrapraunures:

Hi, there my name is Makayla, and I’m the social media strategist behind social styling I work with a variety of different female entrepreneur business owners and bloggers to create stylish and profitable social media profile.  Today I want to talk about Instagram. It is always one of my most favorite marketing tools, and unfortunately, they recently announced a changed algorithm that is actually freaking a lot of peoples out. It’s mainly freaking out the bloggers, the business owners and everyone that doesn’t have a huge advertising budget, and that because it’s going to be heading towards the way of the Facebook algorithm. Which basically favors the most popular posts that often a boosted sponsored or advertisement. Which basically means that if you don’t have a big budget. Instagram may be less successful for you if you don’t make a change. And that’s what I am going to talk about today.


There are a couple of different tips that will help you as a business owner a female entrepreneur or blogger or anyone in between. To create a lasting social media strategy that will help you withstand with these new Instagram algorithm changes.

Now a couple of tips here to discuss.

First Tip:

The first one is to ensure you will using a tool like iconosquare. Now if you haven’t heard of iconosquare it’s a tool that will monitor your Instagram analytics for you. And you can just easily login to the dashboard and find out what your statistics after the day, week or month. One of the greatest things about iconosquare is that it will tell you when your best times to post up. When the algorithm changes to be this Facebook news feed favoring popular posts other than the latest post you’re going to be needing to do is to post at the perfect time when your target market online. To ensure that you get more likes, comments and general engagement from your followers. Because fast you can get that engagement the higher likelihood that you will be pushed to the price in the news feed.

Second Tip:

The second tip is to use relevant hashtags. Now if you’re on Instagram and you are using hashtag hardly anyone is going to find your content unless you are on site or you were having a massive follow backs. So ensuring that you are using the right hashtag, not just #love #life. Your hashtags must be related to your business related to your location and also relate to your industry. So for me, I’m a person by social media strategist, and I work with female entrepreneurs, business, and bloggers.  So my hashtags based around #businessblogger and #Fempreneurs these hashtags work for the well for me because I know that my audience checks those hashtags daily and that’s how much traffic come across my feeds.

Third Tip:

The 3rd tip is to review your most successful post and then to replicate them. You can’t just post anything on Instagram. You were going to need to be strategic about what you post. Invite having a look at your most popular post reviewing the similarities between them and then creating similar content you’ll be able to create an Instagram strategy that will enable you to withstand this change in the algorithm, and keep the followers engaged.

Now my final tip is to create a social media style guide and specific strategy for Instagram. This will keep you on track to achieve your social media marketing goals and also to ensure that if someone in the business or maybe a virtual assistant of yours is taking of social media for you. With barely the same page that you are and that you don’t post content that strays away from what you usually would. Creating this style guide will ensure that you are consistent with your posting also encourage brand trust. Which is what you want. You want to followers when come to your feed see that you have a beautiful of a photograph that with what they’re looking for in Instagram. They will make them click the follow back button and lastly, I would like to say that you also can use auto liker Instagram bot but on a little level.

Instagram Growth Strategy

What are Hashtags & How To Use Them

Hey, guys, I am going to teach you several ways how to grow your business on Instagram there are multiple ways, but I’ll break it down in steps and get really and depth of what each means.


Using The Right Hashtags:

So the first thing is using the right hashtags what the hell does that mean I see that everywhere doesn’t break it down to you read an article it says uses of hashtags but then it’s showing you list that hashtag you should not be using so I’m going to tell you by example and hopefully you could use that example and bring it on to your business as well, So let’s say if you are a restaurant that based in New York City and

So let’s say if you are a restaurant that based in New York City and you want to be exposed, and you want to use a right hashtag. To use right hashtag for New York City restaurant or business would be like you using hashtag for

New York City restaurant
New York City food
It does not mean using #Food #Eat #Love eating, No. and what that does is let me tell you that a lots of hashtags would get you a million more likes than using on fewer hashtags but it is giving very specific for your business than using a lot of hashtags that rely broadly expand your business that all these other different pages but rely it does is opens up your account to SPAM. What is spam? When it comes to Instagram
It really is automated accounts that are sold up to third party application that is skipped, that are looking for on these hashtags to rely on a common or on like your picture to really get you back you know notification on your phone to drag you back to their account. If you are a person and that put food as a hashtag. These automated account are thousands, that are created that are we looking for and liking his people’s pictures and what does that do it put that notification on their phone and it to track them back to their page and that usually would have a 10-second now just saying do I like this page or not if they just like my photo not knowing it’s action automated service that’s actually looking for these people to attract them back to their account.

So if you do like that you like those automated fake accounts likes and such like that, by all means, use these hashtags again be very specific to a business you want to go the right way. Using right hashtags also needs training hashtags that design for your business your brand or restaurant.
So if it’s a restaurant again, it’s whatever portrays your restaurant so if it’s like restaurant name use that hashtags if you could come up with something catchy, even better because the people love of using a catchy hashtag. And with all of these things keep using like for like Instagram free, so they can help you on the automation.

Top 4 Instagram Marketing Strategies

Today I want to give you Instagram marketing strategies for your business, to help you get more traffic to your website. That will also help you to get more customers and more engagement.

Top 4 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business


Right Posting Timings.

All of the above and the first thing I want to tell you about is the correct timing of posting. Timing is everything on social media. In this case, Instagram has the best run time at 8 to 9 a.m. eastern standard time, and that is the best time to post that’s when you’ll probably get the most engagement. Other than that don’t post between 3 and 4 p.m. because that’s when you’ll probably have a dip and engagement.

So if you’re going to post one or two times then don’t waste it by posting at the wrong time. If you’re not going to post any of those times you were going to post again then just focus on posting outside of business hours, so maybe early in the morning or late afternoon to evening. That would be a good time to post videos around 9 p.m eastern time. That’s a very good time to post videos to the fact about 34% more engagement at that point.

Best Days for Posting.

For whatever reason and Sundays tend to have very low engagement rate. If you’re going to take a day off from Instagram that would be the day. And Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to know if you’re going to post something crucial those the days.

Follow People – To get Follow Backs

You want to do the number to people who build up your fan base. And it going to do that is you can follow people that you know would probably be interested in your brain and not 10 to 20% of them are likely to follow you back. It’s kind of like Twitter, so it’s probably the same Raiders Twitter.

You know when you follow people some of them always follow you there are a couple of apps you can actually use to manage your followers and keep track of them, and you can use followersPlus for Instagram or followers for Instagram and I know they are on my phone but those two apps numbers and model after them. If it doesn’t work for you then you should buy real Instagram followers.

Follow Big Brands

So I always make to anyone who wants to know the brand and things like that is to follow the biggest brands that are already established patterns and Implement them in your own brand.

 Why Instagram Marketing Is Necessary For Small Business

Small business holders do not give priority to building mobile apps. It does not require to be a mega company for generating high revenue through Instagram. Nowadays, mobile apps allow the small business owners to launch their offerings, that can boost sales. Small enterprises are neglecting too many opportunities while staying away from Instagram to launch products.

Digital marketer of Ben & Jerry’s Mike Hayes said that “when the Instagram has launched it provide us the facility  with a great platform to connect our fans & tell our story visually.”


However, if you adopt Instagram correctly, it will deliver the optimum results for small business to introduce their products in the market. Mobile apps help small enterprises to obtain the higher ranks on famous directory websites. Ultimately, it will help you to earn a higher local business. Reviews of the product will give the right impression to the local searches & then buy this product is of their first importance. Enable the customers for advancements. Oral evidence marketing is quite impressive for small businesses.


Benefits of Instagram marketing strategy:

A lot of people ask about how to get more followers on Instagram fast and they ignore their strategy. Instagram marketing strategy helps you to deliver the right message and also to gain the followers, to the right people at the right time. First of all, set your business targets. These objectives will help you to represent your strategy on Instagram. Build strong content that will help you to obtain your objectives. Here are some common strategies that brands or entrepreneurs choose frequently:

  • Exhibit products or services,
  • Set audience,
  • Increase brand knowledge,
  • Frame business culture and values,
  • Increase brand loyalty,
  • Share business news and updates regularly.

How is Instagram helpful for small firms?


Out of all the newer networks, Instagram does much to itself separately. Instagram is the most downloaded app in the United States with  500 million monthly active users. Instagram is the newly introduced social platform. It is the first mobile app which depends on graphics than texts.


Subsequently, many small businesses subscribe themselves but get confused how to use it properly – they bow out. How your business get, success is just like other companies that create an honest following.


Usually, small businesses do not have enough money to advertise their product or services on social media because of their initial setup cost. It’s also a little bit difficult to validate using the money on advertising but Instagram Ads provides the opportunity for small business & it is exceedingly affordable.


They can publish a lot of photos, videos and designed hashtags to promote their business over Instagram. Also, create favorite Instagram posts that people want to follow. It’s a very helpful app for small businesses because it is affordable for advertisement.


The formula for Instagram success:


The success of companies on Instagram depends on more than single images being published. You should use these elements for success:

  • Strategy
  • Clear vision
  • Regular frequency
  • Attract your audience
  • Clear visual style


By using above mentioned features, Instagram will deliver higher results for your business. Also, use some faces in your post to increase your audience.