Dove Hunting Tips and Trick


When it comes to dove hunting, we get our mourning doves, our white wing dove so in the UK there are primarily white wings that.  We usually hunt so my trick and tip are about them, but it can apply on other dove also. In early summer season, they migrated into sunflower fields and like I said year after year I had hunted opening days on summer noon’s operations and it has developed a programming a plan. That allows a lot of great wings unity you know arguably the largest dove hunting operation in North America with several different lodges in across this part of the area you know these white wings have a very distinctive coloration. That allows being pretty easily identifiable is that what as we know the white wings are a great success story. If we go back in 15 years, they were non-existent to now the range is so grown all the way up into Oklahoma and even in the Kansas now there’s always a few little tips and tricks out there. And anything that you have doing and dove hunting is no different than then other hunting

Here I’m going to share my tip and tricks with you guys a little bit of an edge out there over. First, you need to believe in yourself second need lots of training. A believe in yourself that your practice is making you ready before the season spends some time understanding your shotgun where your shot was getting the shooting you know. Along some practice you should have right equpments like best long range scope, glasses and etc..

  • Shoot some sporting clays as it helps to focus on the target. a great time to roll out to do all outdoors auto trap though or set up different applications different passes to get your eyes some practice. That way you are not going to be as Rusty as a lot of your buddies when they first show up.
  • Picking the right shotgun shells  I’m a big believer in using high-velocity heavy loads versus the light loads generally speaking the heavier loads you are going to get there faster, and they are going to deliver more shot on target which is going to allow you to put more shot on the dub.

As I said before hunting gets better every year so hopefully. Because you want to be able to get it to a better hunting skill. It comes out that during shooting you get limits as you know you should only hunt according to your needs. One thing that’s recommended to people when it comes to dove hunting is hearing and safety protection you know something that you can put on your eyes; you know shooting glasses and an earring protection whether it is just roll up foam.

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