Instagram Growth Strategy

What are Hashtags & How To Use Them

Hey, guys, I am going to teach you several ways how to grow your business on Instagram there are multiple ways, but I’ll break it down in steps and get really and depth of what each means.


Using The Right Hashtags:

So the first thing is using the right hashtags what the hell does that mean I see that everywhere doesn’t break it down to you read an article it says uses of hashtags but then it’s showing you list that hashtag you should not be using so I’m going to tell you by example and hopefully you could use that example and bring it on to your business as well, So let’s say if you are a restaurant that based in New York City and

So let’s say if you are a restaurant that based in New York City and you want to be exposed, and you want to use a right hashtag. To use right hashtag for New York City restaurant or business would be like you using hashtag for

New York City restaurant
New York City food
It does not mean using #Food #Eat #Love eating, No. and what that does is let me tell you that a lots of hashtags would get you a million more likes than using on fewer hashtags but it is giving very specific for your business than using a lot of hashtags that rely broadly expand your business that all these other different pages but rely it does is opens up your account to SPAM. What is spam? When it comes to Instagram
It really is automated accounts that are sold up to third party application that is skipped, that are looking for on these hashtags to rely on a common or on like your picture to really get you back you know notification on your phone to drag you back to their account. If you are a person and that put food as a hashtag. These automated account are thousands, that are created that are we looking for and liking his people’s pictures and what does that do it put that notification on their phone and it to track them back to their page and that usually would have a 10-second now just saying do I like this page or not if they just like my photo not knowing it’s action automated service that’s actually looking for these people to attract them back to their account.

So if you do like that you like those automated fake accounts likes and such like that, by all means, use these hashtags again be very specific to a business you want to go the right way. Using right hashtags also needs training hashtags that design for your business your brand or restaurant.
So if it’s a restaurant again, it’s whatever portrays your restaurant so if it’s like restaurant name use that hashtags if you could come up with something catchy, even better because the people love of using a catchy hashtag. And with all of these things keep using like for like Instagram free, so they can help you on the automation.

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