Instagram’s New Algorithm

Marketing Tips for Bloggers and Entrapraunures:

Hi, there my name is Makayla, and I’m the social media strategist behind social styling I work with a variety of different female entrepreneur business owners and bloggers to create stylish and profitable social media profile.  Today I want to talk about Instagram. It is always one of my most favorite marketing tools, and unfortunately, they recently announced a changed algorithm that is actually freaking a lot of peoples out. It’s mainly freaking out the bloggers, the business owners and everyone that doesn’t have a huge advertising budget, and that because it’s going to be heading towards the way of the Facebook algorithm. Which basically favors the most popular posts that often a boosted sponsored or advertisement. Which basically means that if you don’t have a big budget. Instagram may be less successful for you if you don’t make a change. And that’s what I am going to talk about today.


There are a couple of different tips that will help you as a business owner a female entrepreneur or blogger or anyone in between. To create a lasting social media strategy that will help you withstand with these new Instagram algorithm changes.

Now a couple of tips here to discuss.

First Tip:

The first one is to ensure you will using a tool like iconosquare. Now if you haven’t heard of iconosquare it’s a tool that will monitor your Instagram analytics for you. And you can just easily login to the dashboard and find out what your statistics after the day, week or month. One of the greatest things about iconosquare is that it will tell you when your best times to post up. When the algorithm changes to be this Facebook news feed favoring popular posts other than the latest post you’re going to be needing to do is to post at the perfect time when your target market online. To ensure that you get more likes, comments and general engagement from your followers. Because fast you can get that engagement the higher likelihood that you will be pushed to the price in the news feed.

Second Tip:

The second tip is to use relevant hashtags. Now if you’re on Instagram and you are using hashtag hardly anyone is going to find your content unless you are on site or you were having a massive follow backs. So ensuring that you are using the right hashtag, not just #love #life. Your hashtags must be related to your business related to your location and also relate to your industry. So for me, I’m a person by social media strategist, and I work with female entrepreneurs, business, and bloggers.  So my hashtags based around #businessblogger and #Fempreneurs these hashtags work for the well for me because I know that my audience checks those hashtags daily and that’s how much traffic come across my feeds.

Third Tip:

The 3rd tip is to review your most successful post and then to replicate them. You can’t just post anything on Instagram. You were going to need to be strategic about what you post. Invite having a look at your most popular post reviewing the similarities between them and then creating similar content you’ll be able to create an Instagram strategy that will enable you to withstand this change in the algorithm, and keep the followers engaged.

Now my final tip is to create a social media style guide and specific strategy for Instagram. This will keep you on track to achieve your social media marketing goals and also to ensure that if someone in the business or maybe a virtual assistant of yours is taking of social media for you. With barely the same page that you are and that you don’t post content that strays away from what you usually would. Creating this style guide will ensure that you are consistent with your posting also encourage brand trust. Which is what you want. You want to followers when come to your feed see that you have a beautiful of a photograph that with what they’re looking for in Instagram. They will make them click the follow back button and lastly, I would like to say that you also can use auto liker Instagram bot but on a little level.

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