How to Use Instagram – Step by Step Guide


I’m here today to explain to you how to use Instagram in this article I will be going over the various aspects of Instagram and I will show you how to use each of the aspects with step-by-step instructions let’s get right to it.

First, sign up on Instagram by making a profile on Instagram there are two way of making the profile on Instagram:

  • Through Facebook account
  • Through email account

Once you logged in you can see. There are various tabs at the bottom and I’m going to be going over each of these tabs one by one.

Tabs on Instagram:

Home Tab

It is all the way on the left and as you can see it sort of looks like a house. I’m just going to go ahead and go to it so this is your feed ok. And what you will see here are pictures and videos that have been posted by people. That you follow on Instagram and you will also see the pictures and videos that you have posted yourself on Instagram. So that is what you will see if you scroll through your feed.

Direct message

So if you scroll up you’ll see an icon on the right corner. You can just click on that icon and that brings up all of your direct messages. You can go ahead and click on a specific direct message. Or you can create a new one by clicking on the plus icon. on the right corner where you can see it says send photo or video or send a message and you can click one of those options to go ahead and send a direct message.

Explore Tab (Magnifying Glass):

The Explore tab is basically to explore, when you click that icon it will show you posts from other Instagram users that you don’t follow and Instagram has sort of curated these posts for you based on your interests based on your likes.

Search option:

This option is inside of explore tab right on the top for searching another user or for a hashtag. And how to search for a user of any account just by typing your desired user in it.And when you desired person is found just click on the follow button. IF you want to search for a hashtag just type hashtag and the (desired searched)

then it showed a whole bunch of hashtags that start with (desired searched)  it would show you all of the top posts with regards to a hashtag and then it also shows you the most recent posts so you can see there are top posts right here and then most recent posts. Okay, that’s basically the gist of the Explore tab.

Camera Tab:

The next one over is a camera if you click that you can actually upload a picture or a video. When you click the camera you can choose a picture from your phone or you can take a new one. When you upload a picture on Instagram it also provides you different filter and other options. You can also add a caption.

Sharing on your other social media you can post it on your other social media if your accounts are connected.

Liked Tab:

It’s the middle tab basically if you click that tab it will show everyone that has followed you anyone that has liked your picture or video anyone that is mentioned you and so forth so shows any activity with your account with other people interacting with your account right here. In this tab, you can also see people you are following just by clicking on the following tab. The following tab it shows what people that you are following have liked.

Profile Tab:

This is your profile so as you can see this. It shows how many posts you have how many followers you have. How many people you are following and so forth it shows your logo, your user, your name, you’re description of your account. If you have an associated website it will show up here as well and it shows all of the pictures and videos that you have posted now. It also edits profile by clicking on edit button you can actually edit the information about your profile; you can edit your profile information.

There is with all that is to actually use Instagram in this article I’ve shown you how to use Instagram I’ve outlined all of the aspects of using Instagram and I have explained each of them with step-by-step

Instructions and I hope that you have enjoyed this.

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